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HydroGolfe 2 project

HydroGolfe 2 project


Initial status and assessment of the potential environmental and socio-economic impacts of a tidal turbine development in the Gulf of Morbihan


Project managers : Mouncef Sedrati (LGO-UBS)

Project leaders : LGO UMR CNRS 6538 – UBS

Funding : Syndicat des Énergies du Morbihan & Région Bretagne

Length of the project :


A valorization of the tidal energy potential in specific areas of the Gulf of Morbihan is currently in progress. Consequently, an energy potential characterization study was conducted in 2015 (HydroGolfe 1) at two locations in the Gulf of Morbihan: south of Île Longue and at the southern site of Île de Berder, where the Courant de la Jument is considered the second strongest tidal current in Europe. This study relied on an approach involving in-situ bathymetric and hydrodynamic measurements. It demonstrated the existence of strong currents throughout a tidal cycle and highlighted the flatness of the seabeds at both sites, indicating the feasibility of hosting tidal turbines.

Unlike other French sites under development or identified, this hydropower development project is based on a logic of proximity of production. It is also characterized by operating conditions that are easier in terms of physical forcing factors (sheltered area) but very complex in terms of environmental conditions. Indeed, the Gulf of Morbihan shows particular characteristics (multitude of uses, relatively low bathymetries, strong coastal currents, proximity of networks and energy uses). These characteristics are found in many countries, through estuaries or bays. They offer the opportunity to have a local energy resource of marine origin, limiting the infrastructure for transporting electricity from the place of production to injection into a public grid, with the corollary of optimizing the economic profitability of a project.

The two sites

Main actions

The purpose of the project is to identify the initial state of the site and its environment, and then to define the potential impacts associated with the potential development of a tidal turbine project. It also aims to identify the perception of the actors, users and the population of the Gulf of Morbihan around the implementation of a tidal farm in the Gulf of Morbihan.

More specifically, the project will include two pilot actions (WP) :

WP 1 Analysis of the initial state of the site and its environment

WP 1.1 – État et caractérisation du milieu physique

WP 1.2 State and characterization of the biological environment

WP 1.3 Regulatory protections and natural heritage

WP 1.4 State and characterization of the human environment

WP 2 – Perception et concertation avec les acteurs et les usagers autour de la mise en place d’un parc hydrolien dans le Golfe du Morbihan


Characteristics of a spring tide south of Longue isle


Preparation for the deployment of two ADCPs in the two study sites

3D bathymetry of the study site between the south of the Longue isle and the Monténo tip.

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