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Bachelor of Science degree

Bachelor of Science degree

Environmental sciences program


The Bachelor of Science degree Earth and Life sciences (S.V.T) includes a three-year course.

The Bachelor's degree specialty can be selected among seven different programs through specific topics selections.

Skills and knowledge

Mastering fundamental knowledge in main scientific fields,
Understanding the environmental studying methods,
Mastering different approaches with varying scales,

Develop field work methods
Réaliser les mesures, analyser les résultats et élaborer divers documents : protocoles, rapports d'activité...

Prepare students for their professional project trhough the teaching unit entitled "personal and professional project" [semester 5] and through a 2 or 3-months internship [semester 6].

Program content

La formation dispensée s'attache à transmettre aux étudiants les connaissances fondamentales et appliquées ainsi que les outils méthodologiques leur permettant d'appréhender les grands thèmes de la biologie tant au niveau des organismes que des environnements. A cette fin, la formation offre aux étudiants des connaissances dans les domaines interdisciplinaires de la biologie, de l’écologie et des géosciences. Les enseignements pratiques et les stages sur le terrain sont particulièrement développés et représentent plus du tiers du volume horaire de la formation.
This training also encourages international mobility for students who wish to validate a semester or a year in a foreign partner university (Europe and Canada).
You can download the program brochure to see the different topics by clicking on the button below.


Students can do a voluntary internship in 1st year and 2nd year, and must complete a compulsory internship of at least 2 months (3 months if the internship is in a foreign country) at the end of the 3rd year.

Admission requirements

• 1st year
A General Baccalaureate, or a Technology Baccalaureate, or DAEU B (Diplôme d'Accès aux Études Universitaires)

• 2nd or 3rd year
An advanced technician's certificate or DUT ( Technical University Degree). Applications need to be carried out online (
Click here to see the admission procedure.

• Continuing education : The Education administration service provides adults who wish to resume their studies or validate their skills with support on courses and funding.

Referencing and financing of the degree :

Code RNCP : 24532
Code CPF : 239792

International studies opportunities

This degree also encourages international mobility for students who whish to validate a semester or a year in a foreign university (Europe and Canada).
The 3rd year internship (semester 6) can be carried out in a foreign country.

Studies opportunities

Master's degree on Environments - Earth and Planets Sciences specialized in Engineering and Management of coastal and littoral resources (IGREC-L) at the University of Southern Brittany
Teaching jobs
Other Masters' degrees :
> Habitats and watersheds management
> Earth and Life sciences
> Life and Environment sciences
> Rural environments and peri-urbanization
> Land settlement issues - Environment - Development
> Eco-engineering of wetlands
> Environment - Ecology
> Environment of littoral spaces
> Universe sciences
> Ecology
> Systematic Evolution Paleontology
> ...

Jobs opportunities

After graduating from a Bachelor of Science degree, students can :

Become laboratory technicians,
Continue with a Master's degree to become engineers, project managers...
Continue in a Engineer School to become engineers
Pass a competitive examination to enter territorial public services