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Master's degree

Master's degree

Engineering and Management of Coastal and Littoral Resources (IGREC-L)


This Master's degree aims to train students to become engineers with multidisciplinary skills in the management of mineral and biological resources in coastal and marine environments with teaching of risk and vulnerability notions. These skills will allow them to adapt, anticipate and respond to territorial issues in coastal areas, knowing the European legal and socio-economic framework.

The main characteristic of this degree is its transdisciplinarity throughout the program.
The Master's degree IGREC-L has been operating since 2017 in partnership with theUBO, l'Ifremer andIUEM.

Skills and knowledge

Students will be able to :

Identify and study natural resources of coastal environments,
To devise strategies for the sustainable management of coastal areas,
To suggest technologies, approaches and methods to promote coastal environments,
Set up and carry out territorial management projects,
To assess and manage the socio-economical prospects of the use of coastal resources.

Program content

The courses consider the specificities of the coastal environments of Southern Brittany : the socio-economical context, the role of the different environmental actors and managers, and the main European and French regulatory frameworks.

Topics :

English Ecology Law and economy
Geophysics Modelling / Computer programming Water quality
Spatial planning Remote sensing / GIS Sustainable marine energies
Hydro-morpho-geomorphodynamics Marine Geotechnology Sedimentology


The program includes several internships during the 1st and 2nd year :

A field internship of one week at the beginning of the 1st year at the biology station of the Bailleron isle in the Gulf of Morbihan. Through this internship students will learn how to collect and analyse data on the field with the proper equipment for topography, hydrodynamics and sedimentology.
Two field internships during the 1 st year on an oceanographic ship. Through this internship, students will learn how to collect and analyze acoustic data for stratigraphic studies of the marine and coastal bottom and sub-bottom structures.
A compulsory internship of at least 2 months at the end of the 1st year will be carried out in a laboratory, a private company, a collectivity...
A compulsory internship of at least 6 months at the end of the 2nd year will be carried out in a laboratory, a private company, a collectivity...

Admission requirements

Are mainly admitted candidates with a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental scientific fields, such as General Biology, Ecology, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Geography or Spatial planning.

Registrations have to be carried out online before the end of June on the UBS webite :

According to the law n° 2016-1828 of the 23th of december, 2016the Master's degree includes a program of 4 semesters with a selection at the entrance based on dossier or competitive examination, with an automatic admission of students with a Bachelor's degree. No selection is done between the 1st and 2nd year.

Max. number of students Date d'ouverture des candidatures 2021 Date de clôture des candidatures 2021
16 13/02 15/06

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Partnership with laboratories

Ce Master est adossé au laboratoire Geo-Ocean en collaboration avec d'autres laboratoires de l’UBS. L’enseignement est organisé par une équipe pluridisciplinaire d’enseignants-chercheurs et de chercheurs de l’Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer (UBO), de l’Université de Bretagne Sud (UBS) et de l’Ifremer. Certaines parties de la formation seront réalisées à l’UBO andIfremer.

L’équipe pédagogique rassemble des chercheurs inscrits dans des pôles de recherche et de compétitivité reconnus à l’échelle régionale, nationale et internationale et aussi des experts professionnels issus des entreprises partenaires, bureaux d’études, des collectivités territoriales… : SAUR, IFREMER, Lafarge Granulats, Sablier de l’Atlantique, PNR Golfe du Morbihan, Nass & Wind offshore, CD56, Vannes et Lorient Agglomération,… qui sauront répondre aux exigences requises afin d’optimiser les chances d’intégration au sein du monde économique.

The partnerships with foreign research laboratories (Canada, Malaysia, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Indonesia, etc.) make it possible to offer international internships to the students stages à l'international.

Job opportunities

Engineer in a private research company,

Environmental project manager in local authorities services (municipalities...),

Engineer in research laboratories,

Pass a competitive examination to enter territorial public services

Bailleron internship

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