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Yandé Faye (PhD)

Yandé Faye
PhD student

University of Southern Brittany - Tohannic Campus
Yves Coppens Building
C047 office

Study of the coastal morphodynamics of the Mbodiene and Joal sand spits : morphosedimentary analysis approach, contribution of photogrammetric surveys by UAVs and remote sensing



Holder of a Master's degree in Marine and Coastal Geoscience at theCheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD), Yandé Faye has conducted studies on the impacts of coastal erosion on the Senegalese coasts and has had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of a vast Integrated Coastal Zone Management project initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of his country. Rich of these experiences and very passionate about everything related to science, technology and coastal environments, Yandé is currently enrolled in a cotutelle thesis between theUniversity of Southern Brittany and the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar. This work, co-directed by Evelyne Goubert and Mouncef Sedrati (LGO UBS) and Mouhamadoul Bachir Diouf and Kader Ba (UCAD), focuses on the study of the dynamics of the sand arrows of Mbodiène and Joal, with an approach by morpho-sedimentary analysis, contribution of photogrammetric surveys by drone and remote sensing, and aim to retrace the morphodynamic evolution of the Littoral de Mbodiène à Joal at different spatial and temporal scales in order to gain a better understanding of its functioning, but also to reflect on better management policies for this coastal segment.

Evelyne Goubert
Mouncef Sedrati
Mouhamadoul Bachir Diouf
Kader Ba

Morphodynamics of the littoral
Mbodiene Joal sand spit