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Hydro-sedimentary characterizations on the reef-seagrass-beach triptych, of the WALIWA Marine Managed Area.

Project managers : : Mouncef Sedrati

Project leaders : Franck DOLIQUE Université des Antilles UMR 8067 BOREA

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The WALIWAVE project is willing to install a hydro-sedimentary instrumentation line on the reef-seagrass-beach triptych managed by the WALIWA Marine Managed Area (Nature-Based Solution NBS) in the St-Luce commune of Martinique.

The main goal of this project is to characterize sedimentary dynamics, quantify the mobilization thresholds of carbonate sediment under modal conditions, and to deeply understand the paroxysmal marine meteorology. The project is anchored in the continuum of a dynamic initiative at an ultra-marine scale (Antilles, Mayotte, Polynesia: REEFSTOR’SAND network) aiming to improve the understanding of sedimentary transportation processes in coral reef environments in the context of environmental change.


  • Identify the energy thresholds triggering the modal transport and sedimentation processes of carbonate sediment material originating from the reef in a triptych: reef (coral cay), seagrass bed (with phanerogams), and beach (sandy with high economic value).
  • Understand the mechanisms/processes involved in the occurrence of paroxysmal weather-marine events on sedimentary environments.

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