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Observation, dynamics, and quality of coastal littoral systems.

Observation, dynamics, and quality

of coastal littoral systems.

The study of coastal morphodynamics is at the heart of Geo-Ocean UBS's activities. Indeed, it contributes to high-quality expertise, promoting sustainable management of coastal areas and informed decision-making for the protection of the marine environment.

The study of coastal morphodynamic responses (erosion, sedimentation), as well as the hydrodynamic mechanisms underlying them, represent major elements. Particularly in predicting risks and recommending protective and conservation measures tailored to each coastal environment. Through field campaigns, hydrodynamic and morphodynamic monitoring, it is possible to characterize the behavior and specificities of a coastal area. This then enables the determination of sustainable and appropriate management measures to ensure the preservation of these zones.

Simultaneously, the good quality of coastal ecosystems is a crucial condition for the optimal development of ecological states and the economic activities dependent on them. Shellfish farms, bathing areas, as well as professional fishing and shellfish gathering activities, require regular monitoring of environmental quality. Water and sediment sampling,as well as theanalysis of biological indicators such as phytoplankton or chemical indicators such as heavy metals, or even the presence of microplastics,allow for establishing quality states and highlighting the degree of eutrophication of the environment. These assessments of coastal ecosystem quality play a crucial role in decision-making for the management and protection of these areas, by highlighting potential anthropogenic influences, promoting sustainable practices, and minimizing negative impacts on the coastal environment.

The LGO UBS has developped a strong expertise in the monitoring of beaches, mudflats or cliffs, in data acquisition, processing, as in spatial planning decision support.


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