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Celtic Project

Celtic Project

Establishment of a shared data platform to prevent risks related to waste, resources, and GEMAPI.

In the context of the "SMART AND SUSTAINABLE TERRITORIES (SST)" call for projects.

Project managers : : Mouncef Sedrati

Project leaders : LGO UMR CNRS 6538 – UBS

Funding : Lorient Agglomération & UBS & WATTECO

Length of the project : June 2023 - Today


The Celtic project aims to build data sampling systems adapted to the specific needs of coastal territories. These systems strive to improve the collection, analysis, and centralization of data, particularly regarding the management of aquatic environments, water and electricity consumption, as well as waste management. The project is part of a broader digital and ecological transition in the Brittany territory, with a focus on preventing the risks mentioned earlier.


  • Deploying new data capture systems, in the form of digital demonstrators adapted to the territorial specificities of Lorient Agglomeration (a coastal area requiring control of marine interfaces, a territory under strain regarding water and energy resources, with a significant natural environment to preserve).
  • Enhancing the understanding, analysis, and sovereignty of the collected data and centralizing them on the big data platform of Lorient Agglomeration to contribute to better governance of public policies in the region.
  • Opening up these data and their analysis to the users of the region, promoting shared access to develop sustainable individual and collective practices for moderation in the area.

Partners of the Celtic project.